Wednesday, April 2, 2014

You Should #BrandU

My name is Jean Usen and my journey is an assignment from God.
Be cool, I come in peace.

I know that some will feel this mission is pretentious.
It's not. But it's also not for everyone. Just to be clear.

The Lord has prepared a pathway through my passion - public relations.
This blog contains my #PRPrayers for youth.
The #BrandU and #BrandYourConscience vision is igniting
Houston, Atlanta, Chicago and DC.
If you are a daring, young entrepreneur with passion and commitment 
for Poetry, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Blogging, Hip Hop or Social Activism, 
My friends and I are eager to invest in and mentor you.
More on them later...

If YOU happen to be an aspiring entrepreneur with a unique vision for
IMPACT and are ready to ACTIVELY participate in changing the conversations about you 
And around you 
that have not INCLUDED you
then STEP UP and help to #BrandU.

If you have are inspired by discussions about race, Hip Hop and religion...
I want to hear from you especially.

If you currently tweet, blog or professionally serve in one way or another...
Don't be afraid... No biting allowed here.

Your voice is no longer lost.
I am a kindred spirit.
You have found a home.

Don't let the boogie shell and bible verses fool you.
Christian is the new COOL.

Read the blogs if you don't believe me!

Keep pace on Twitter to see how #BrandYourConscience 
and #RealTalk are helping to change the conversation
and paying it forward.


Reach Out For More Info On How You Can Be
Involved in Emerging Discussions About Social Change and Greater
Social Impact!!
Twitter: @ChronoSparkPR

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