Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Question of Access

The Question of Access

We have to ask the right questions.
How can urban youth get access to the tutoring and tools
that they need to be academically and professionally sound
in their ministerial, entrepreneurial and social justice endeavor?

You have probably asked who will do this?
Who will make them more financially responsible?
Who will help them to invest in others in their community?
How can I be ambitious when I have nothing to offer and nothing to give away?

You have long underestimated your capacity and it is time to CHANGE.

You have asked all of the right questions.
The answer is and has always been to rely on the strength of collective effort.
You have a gift and were born to USE IT for such a time as this.

You may be wondering if this is some gag, promotion or some other means to GET
from you what you cannot or will not offer.

If this does not SPEAK to you where you are RIGHT NOW no matter what
you do or do not have in your pockets -

You should not continue to visit this site.

This message is for the select few who have been called out of their sleep at 2 AM this morning.

It is not for ALL.

(But I love you still the same).

Young entrepreneur. Your vision is being tested. You have wondered why no one can see you.
Who is listening? Why have I not received my blessing?

Good question.

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